About Us

SG | T2 is a joint venture started in 2016 between Sanders Group (SG) and T2 Capital Partners (T2) responsible for setting up a Multifamily Impact Fund focused primarily on workforce housing while simultaneously enhancing the lives of the communities it works in and delivering above average risk-adjusted returns to our Investors. SG | T2’s combined achievements include 1,300+ limited partners, $800+ million deployed since inception and $450+ million combined AUM.

SG | T2's Vector of Value

  • Technology
  • Physical & Operational Improvements
  • Rents
  • Purchase Price


Value Add / Opportunistic Transactions

Transaction size $10-35mm

Fanatical attention to drivers of NOI growth

Target Hurdle Rates: 6-10% cash on cash. IRR rates 12-15%

Hold Period: 3- 10 yrs, varies based on strategy & investor goals